Inflatable of the Day 4/2


Today’s toy is the one I designed and had produced myself… Balto! This is the lovable wolfdog hero from the 1995 Universal animated movie of the same name. The film and its star are what initially turned me into a furry way back in the year 2000, and ever since, I’d wanted an inflatable Balto. Of course, they didn’t exist, and Universal ignores Balto more than just about any of their franchises, so none would be made…until 2013, when I decided that if an inflatable Balto was ever going to exist, I was going to have to make it myself! I contracted with G&G, the same company that produced Fenris, and had concept artwork drawn up. About 100 inflatable wolfdogs were preordered by people all across the globe, and they all went home to their owners later that same year. This was the first thing I did that had a worldwide impact, and that’s a pretty darn cool feeling, knowing that blow up Balto is making people all over the world happy. ^.^

Balto is made of the same super soft thick vinyl as Fenris, but is a more manageable life size, about 5 feet long from nose to tip of tail. He is all one air chamber, with his large air valve on his rump, making for quick inflation and deflation. He has plenty of detail printing, like pads on his paws and a determined look with expressive eyes straight from his movie. He’s a perfect size to be a travel companion or bed buddy, and you never have to feed him! The one in the foreground is wearing a custom name badge and screen-accurate red bandana I commissioned for him.

Wolfdog pack!