Inflatable of the Day 4/14


This one may seem a bit out of season in April, but here we are! This is the original version of the Jet Creations Reindeer, at the time in the late 1980s referred to as the Genesis Reindeer, as that’s what the manufacturer was called at the time. This is the first version of the toy, and over the years it would be altered and refined into a modern, similar design, still sold today by Jet Creations (in two colors, even!) Mr. Reindeer here has three air chambers; the additional two are for his antlers, so they stand up properly. His main air valve is on his belly. These were not originally meant for sitting or riding on, but later versions added slight seam reinforcements to the requisite areas (neck, back). If you’re careful, these original deer can be sat on…just don’t be too rough! They make wonderful lawn decorations for Christmastime…in fact, over the years, I’ve amassed enough to replicate Santa’s entire herd!

If you’d like to buy one of the latest versions, head on over to Jet’s website here!

With scientific name

In the kitchen!

This last photo shows the evolution of the reindeer toy design. The prototype is on the left, the early production from the early 2000s in the middle, and a later version from the 2010s on the right. (The current version is not shown, but is identical in appearance to the one on the right, with minor improvements.)