I know meh enjoys requests, so when will vacuums or pocket knives be on sale again

dannybolinski thought this was worth mentioning said

The misses, well actually both of us, I’m a modern man who helps with the housework (hey, it’s a good relationship, ok), need a new vacuum and paying retail is not something I am comfortable doing. (Yes, I check meh ritualisticly) Could you please sell the finest overstocked Shark Vacuum from the depths of your inventory sometime soon? Our p.o.s. black and decker handheld died, so we need both an upright and a handheld. Seems like it could fit in your “two items” series, or “mehrathon” for the initiated, that just finished. (Yes, my timing is off). Also, when will you sell pocket knives again? The ones I got are great for supporting my mushroom foraging activities and I only cut myself badly enough to go to the hospital once, so of course, I WANT MORE. Thank for considering the pleas of a mere mortal, oh Gods of Meh.