I got irradiated in Chernobyl and lived to tell...

carl669 posted some pics said

as some (like maybe 2 people) of you might know, I recently went to Ukraine. i know, Ukraine. what kind of weirdo goes there on vacation? this kind of weirdo you fuckers!

i digress though. i was in Kyiv for 4 days and Chernobyl for 2. i thought i’d share a few images from my journey.

we start this voyage with a sunrise from my hotel balcony. the night before consisted of dinner with the group and a whole lot of vodka. as you can imagine, i had to get up really fucking early to get this shot. luckily, i don’t get hangovers.

near our hotel, was Pechersk Lavra, an orthodox christian monastery with some very cool looking churches. i tried to get some indoor pictures, but i kept getting the evil eye from little old ladies and i didn’t want to wind up cursed or something.

just in case though, i drank some holy water from this fountain. i wasn’t stricken down, so i must have been good to go.

fast forward to Chernobyl and the abandoned town of Pripyat. because, let’s face it, that’s really the pictures everyone wants to see.

i started off the tour by making friends with the only animal i saw in Pripyat, this fox. i did so through the cunning use of a protein bar.

the famous ferris wheel at the abandoned amusement park.

so of course, i had to climb it. fun story, the police rolled up 10s after i took this shot. luckily, our local guide is well connected.

from there, we moved on to the abandoned hospital. i think this used to be a waiting room. the whole hospital is pretty irradiated. the first patients were seen there. any room with a lot of gauze, fabric, bedding, etc seemed to always spike the radiation meter.

we continued on the abandoned school and kindergarten. i saw that piano and thought about all the kids who used to sing around it. i saw those dolls and they creeped me right the fuck out.

essentially, you can tour Pripyat with a licensed guide, but it’s still technically illegal to go inside the buildings. oops…

there’s more pictures, but it’s starting to flip out on me and I don’t want to lose what i’ve written so far. so, that’s all for now.