I ate food that a stranger mailed me. Am I going to die now?


@sammydog01 is really the best. Every year, in the hustle and bustle of us destroying hundreds of Christmases, it’s easy to forget about the awesomeness and fun here in the forums. But SammyDog breaks through the icy holiday freeze with boxes of cheer and sugar. Look at this smorgasbord!

The Card

The Note
Aww! Thanks!

Baby Shark
do do do-do-do-do

The Treats
There’s Snickerdoodles! There’s Star, Christmas tree, and Glenn sugar cookies! There’s powdered sugar-coated fruitcake (I think?) There’s some sort of strawberry looking thing made from rice krispies, brown sugar, coconut? It’s all delicious and makes me want to give someone a coupon.

Thank you so much @SammyDog01!!!