How to make woods spooky?

OnionSoup went on a bit of a rant said

I need an inexpensive way to make woodlands “creepy”. Moving somewhere with extensive woodlands and noticed several hunting stands (owner of land says not his, and doesn’t know who put them up).

I don’t have a problem with hunting per se, but I have kids and dogs that I don’t want getting shot in their own backyard, plus we’re moving to the woods because we want to see nature. Usually if it’s shot and hauled off, we won’t see it.

Sure, I’ll put up no hunting signs, but what’s the best way to make the woods creepy for people that trespass anyway?

Satanic symbols? Random spooky dolls hidden in the woods? Glow in the dark eyes? Speakers playing dueling banjos on loop 24/7? Prop arms partially buried it the ground?

Has to be safe for kids, dogs, etc.

I’m on a strict budget, so cheaper options to make the woods spooky preferred but I’m up for silly flamboyant suggestions for the entertainment value too. All in all, I’ll most likely just put signs up, but it’s good to plan creepy things.