How to get Meh deals as a daily text message


A couple people have mentioned this and I posted it somewhere but I thought I'd make a thread for it. If, for some reason, you cannot remember to check Meh at midnight, but a text message on your phone would make you remember, you can be notified of each deal every night at midnight.

Meh sends out a tweet of each deal when it goes live.

You do not need a twitter account to do this.

Step 1: Get out your phone.
Step 2: Text "follow wearemeh" to 40404.
Step 3: Wait for reply
Step 4: Text "on wearemeh" to 40404.

If you get a reply that says "Welcome to Twitter! You're now following WeAreMeh and you'll receive their Tweets on your phone." --- you're all set. All of the Meh deals will be sent as a text message to your phone at midnight.

Sample messages will look like this:
" WeAreMeh: Kershaw Shuffle Snow White Knife $7 "
" WeAreMeh: Built NY Assorted Bundle $5 - $9 "

Yup, there's even a handy dandy link for you to click if you use a smartphone.

So now you can be notified when a new Meh deal launches. You can even know what the item is and how much it costs.

You're welcome.