Hoping the Titan submersible rescue effort is successful!

k4evryng thought this was worth mentioning said

I am so concerned that the submersible will not be found in time.

I’m in the wrong tax bracket to afford something like this (I mean obviously…I’m shopping on Meh…), but even if I could, there is NO WAY I’d do this. I am not that adventurous.

But geez…they planned for an 8 hour trip. This has got to be absolutely terrifying beyond measure. I can not imagine what they are thinking and going through.

Why did it take hours and hours before the ship contacted anyone to let them know they lost contact? That bothers me.

I saw something that said if they made noise it could possibly be picked up by sonar…but I can’t imagine that would be true. Plus…I’m quite sure, if they’re alive, they’re conserving as much oxygen as they can.

Praying this has a positive outcome. If they survive, the movie about this is being written as we speak. And the irony of them exploring the Titanic is certainly not lost on me.