Homemade Real Cheese (Queso) dip (You like Velveeta? Don't read this)

  • a little beer (or whatever liquid)
  • your favorite cheese(s) (shredded) (by you) (try pepperjack!)
  • Sodium Citrate (it's from citrus fruits - so calm down) (also buy it here)

I've always wanted a really good cheese dip made with real cheese easily for chips or nachos or whatever really - but making a cheese dip is a pain when using real cheese. No big fan of velveeta or processed cheeses.

Embrace the (tri)Sodium Citrate (whose chemical formula is (Providentially) Na3C6H5O7 yes. really. NaCHO. )


(Sodium Citrate occurs naturally in wine which is why the Swiss do that whole fondue thing and the real cheeses don't break)

Modernist Cuisine:

PPS - You don't have to use an immersion blender - whisk is fine.