Here we are, halfway through the month! Let's recap.

DLPanther went on a bit of a rant said

I’ve mostly been blamed for people’s medical problems and excess cats. It’s uncomfortably close to my own life, especially the part where I give advice about colonoscopy juice. I’ve also discovered that I definitely do not speak Spanish of any kind.

The breakfast appliance made everyone cringe, and it was definitely my fault for not warning everyone about it when @troy dropped me a hint over on the SideDeal comments.

My visitor is gone, and I definitely did not do any of the things suggested, especially the banana thing.

@Jasneko talked to me which makes me feel like I met a celebrity, because about 1/3 of my t-shirts come from them, with another 20% being meh merch of various types, and the rest random stuff I bought on vacation or got for free at conferences.

I also found out that my gift buddy @tohar1 is a cold blooded Northerner just like me.

And last but not least, don’t underestimate taking in a view of the trees as you sip a shower gatorade, underwear without a fly becomes panties really easily, hatchbacks are awesome, I got to drop the F-bomb on a PG-13 message board, and I’m still bitter about the e-waste I got as my last IRK.