Have you used your skills buying IRKs or BOCs in other situations?


I have to admit, after about 10 years of honing my skills, I’m pretty good at pouncing on Instant Regret Kits (and fukubukuros before it) and Bags of Crap. I’ve had failures for sure, but trial and error has led me to be really good at securing these items. It takes focus. It takes meticulous planning. It takes anticipation. It takes skill. It’s not easy (Seeing the lament in IRK threads is testament to that). But it leads to an interesting query: Have you ever used your skills in securing an IRK in other situations in life?

And now, Story Time with Bill!

I’m back to playing a bass clarinet after a 20 year break. However, I’ve been using a BC on loan from my girlfriend, who is an awesome high school music teacher. For the past couple of months I’ve had my eye on a particular bass clarinet, but it’s been sold out for months. Here’s a link to the product page:


Last week I got word that it would be back in stock, but it would be done during our friends’ engagement party. If I didn’t get it during that time, I wouldn’t have it for our spring concert in a couple of weeks. They have been extremely popular instruments and sell out quickly, within 15 minutes. And we’re not talking about $5 IRKs or $10 Bags of Crap. These horns cost nearly $2,200 and he only has about 20 per batch.

So I prepped. I waited. I refreshed the page while trying to be social. The couple and everyone at the party completely understood. 8:30pm came.

A minute later, stock was made available. I pounced. I honed all of my skills in getting limited edition products. I was focused.

The bass clarinet sold out in less than 3 minutes.

But I got one.

New Bass Clarinet

What I’m saying is that IRK purchasing can teach you essential life skills that may help you in other aspects of your life. Keep at it if you’ve never scored one. These training exercises Meh and Woot put on are worth it!