Have you ever wondered? Are you just a bit curious? Just a nosy buttinski of a person in general? Then this post is for you!!


Well another year has passed and we have answered a lot of your questions…. Where is my quip? Is my quip ever coming? Has my Quip shipped ? I have no quip yet…am I ever going to be able to brush my teeth again ? (Also ewwww)

Now that the QuIRK’s and Quips have shipped, and we all can look back on it as a fantastical 20 some odd dollar roller coaster ride, we are sure that ya’ll might just have some more questions up your sleeve.

Like, just what ingredients are in that @leftoverburrito?

How does @brandom really feel about not being able to buy an Irk?
What bryzness about @riskybryzness is so dang risky?
Does @cardiganb even wear sweaters and when does her next album collab with @targaryen drop?

When can we see more of @halfling’s immense talents or feast on some great new doodles from @nommynoms?

Have @cythwulf and @thumperchick finally secured funding for their sequel to Bambi - Bambifet a Star Wars backstory?

Will @LeviOhPlz ever be coming back to Texas so that @cardiganb can meet here in person?

Have we ever asked @ThomasF what he did this past week to celebrate America?

How does @chadP even deal with the lot of us ? I mean like really how?..We are just an exasperating lot… it must take a ton of patience… and whisky, something … cause we are too much.

And Finally … have we even ever asked just who are @tyliketea and @starlamae ?

In other words, it is your turn, go all out and ask us anything !!