Halloween Candy: the Good, the Bad and the Meh


When I was a kid, we'd trick or treat for miles, miles, I tell ya, each with a big pillow case, a little like the one pictured (bigger actually, but not always so full). We heard rumors of scary shit (razors in apples mostly, but sometimes scary drugs) in candy, but these were still in the days when Halloween was a free-for-all, no one was worried that we'd be abducted or molested or poisoned (or, eek, maybe they didn't care?!). It was like a thing. When my own kid was of age to beg candy we were very selective on where we took her and didn't just let her out with other kids (until she was a teenager). How times change.

Anyway, some candy is awesome, some candy sorta sucks and some candy is--as we should all appreciate--meh.

What do you think? (And, a suggestion, one item per post, so we can get a good rating. I'm not sure if we should have three posts per item. We'll see how that plays out. I'm definitely posting some mehs and bads as such.)