Good Afternoon Meh!


Where do I begin? I guess, “Hello, I’m Targaryen, you might remember from me six months ago” works. Most of you have seen me around before. To all the new people out there welcome to Meh, we’re glad to have you!

So, we’ve been fairly heads down getting through emails for a bit. We wanted to poke our head out for a minute and let you guys know we’re still alive, and we’ll be making more content in the forums in the weeks to come. I’m about to make a new post right after this one for later, in fact.

We are currently working from home now for obvious reasons. That decision was made fairly early into the process, to avoid people getting sick. The good news is, this doesn’t take away from our ability to answer cases. It just means we get to answer your emails sans pants on our balconies the way nature intended, or I do at least.

enter image description here

Thanks everyone!