Goat Stop Me Now! (August 2023 scapegoat blame thread)


We’re having such a good time. We’re having a ball. Time is just flying by, in the way that it does, and we’re really getting hopping as we head into the final 3rd of 2023. While @PHRoG was a quiet goat, the world didn’t come to an end, so I guess he did an acceptable job of maintaining responsibility for July. With August kicking off now, we get to point the finger in a new direction and it seems that it’ll be squarely fixed on @ircon96! Not sure how she’s been around here for 4 years and never had to sit in the hot seat, but we’ve got a great month to rectify that situation.


You know, I’m just asking for images as cartoons going forward, because the AI just makes them so dang cute. Thanks for being the August cooler @ircon96. Good luck!