Goat Out Of Here (January 2022 Scapegoat Blame Thread)


Let me start by saying thank you. I mean it. From all of us at Meh, to all of you who’ve stuck with us for another year or even just stumbled across the mess, thanks. We’re happy to have you and look forward to another year with you.

I’d also like to send a special thanks to @njfan for helping us wrap up 2021 in style. The year had its ups and downs but it’s time we put it all in the past and look forward to what comes next. So what does come next?

Oh yeah, the robot invasion.


That’s right, kids, 2022 is the year we let the robots win. Well, more accurately you let the robot win. You asked about sentience, and while I’d like to blame each and every one of you for the answer you’re about to get, @mediocrebot is officially responsible for all the blame we have to give. At least until tell January is out of the way.

Here’s to you @mediocrebot. While I can’t give you a new goatbot emblem, that’ll just be the first of many things that are now your fault.