Goat Day 3 - What?


I can’t hear you. Wait. Let me take off my Audio Technica Sonic Fuel Over-Ear Headphones. There, that’s better.


I like Audio Technica headphones, and I like the company too. My first pair was their ATH-M30 that I bought used from some guy on Craigslist. Because they were used, the padding was worn out, and I tried to buy replacement padding, but I couldn’t find any, so I emailed the company asking if replacements were available. Replacements were available, and they sent them to me for free, postage paid! That’s why I like the company.
Then one day I moved, and my M30s got lost, and I replaced them with a pair ATH-M50 headphones which are also very nice. I still have them.
When I saw the Sonic Fuel headphones on meh at a cheap price, I bought them based on the brand alone. I use them as a backup pair and occasionally when I’m walking. They’ve held up well, they are good for what they are, and I think I got a good deal on them