Goat Day #10: I may be a scape goat, but I'm not YOUR scape goat


This past winter, we had a pretty crappy storm that was supposed to hit and dump a bunch of snow on us. I decided it best to leave work early, get my daughter from daycare, and work the rest of the day from home.

About 2 minutes from my exit, the guy in front of me fish tails into my lane and side swipes me. Nobody hurt, not my fault, guy is insured. A little inconvenient, but this stuff happens all the time and there was very minor damage to my car.

Fast forward to the repairs. I got a rental car (paid for by their insurance of course). Repairs took about a week. I opted to skip the extra insurance. I picked up my car (which wasn’t fixed properly, they completely ignored the damaged areas I pointed out), and dropped off the rental. During the walkaround, the lady starts pushing on the rear bumper, hard. I was inside at the time, so I walked out to see what she was doing. Apparently the car had some damage when I returned it that was not there when I picked it up. There was a gap that wasn’t supposed to be there, and she insisted that it would have been noticed by them. She told me they’d have to send it to the shop, and bill me for it. I refuted the damage, refused to sign the paperwork, took a few pics, and left.

Here is the damage they were talking about, which I got billed something like $645 for.
It wasnt me

Too bad for me that I didn’t notice it when I picked up the car. I’m not a car guy, and didn’t know what I was looking for. However, lucky for me that there was a little bit of a scuff mark on that same spot, which they noted when I picked up the car, but I wanted a picture for evidence.

Dont think so

What do you know, that same gap was there when I picked up the car. Fresh snow on the ground, and the rep from the company is even visible standing behind me waiting for me to take the pic. Even with this, it took them over a month to drop their claim.

I never did see that the repairs got done. I still wonder if they pinned it on the next person. Had I not had this photo by chance, guaranteed I’d have been liable for that hefty bill.

Ever been victim to a company screwing you over when they have all the power? Have you ever been able to make them eat their words? What’s your “In yo’ face” story?