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I am the goat of September. While there have been goats before me @Ryaneil and @marklog, we have never really taken the opportunity to learn more about these truly "terrible" individuals.

So, because I want to procrastinate grading assignments I am going to write this.

I am @studerc and I'm 24 (but look like I'm 16). I am currently a special education teacher and I teach High School Social Studies. I teach kids with behavioral disorders and while it has its days, it's one of the most fulfilling jobs I could ever have. Not to mention I just got off of a 75+ day paid vacation which was fucking sweet. I am currently finishing up my first master's degree and will be starting my second next fall in school administration.

I've been married for just over a year and my wife and I recently purchased our first home. I am apparently a pretty solid handy-man and I completed the large majority of the home renovations by myself.

I am an avid golfer, enjoy wood-working (giggity), and I'm pretty good with a frisbee. In darts, I once got three double-bulleyes in one turn and followed it up with an additional two the next round (and a 1).

I was an avid wootizen (helping to coin that name) however much of the time I was too intimidated to post in the beginning. I'm probably best known for taking over the Wootizen/Mehrican exchanges mainly because I love getting packages in the mail, but as a teacher I'm too poor to purchase whatever I want. I was also the "yesterday's top voter" on deals.woot for something like 20 days straight. I've been #1 on deals.woot and was under the sincerest idea that I would actually get a prize for becoming #1. Still waiting for my jet and nobody shows up to the secret meetings anymore in the walmart parking lot. I'm still #24 in reputation without posting a deal in 10 months or a question since July. I was the winner of the Deal Hunter Competition basically meaning that I was the best over there.

TL;DR :I'm just a normal guy (kid), I like stuff, I'm one of those "loved woot, now indifferent to woot" people. I'm the goat, blame me for your sorrows.

So, feel free to post anything else you wish to know about the goat and likewise feel free to post anything I have done wrong over the month of september. (then maybe my email won't explode!)

A true 'mehrican,