Fun, Round, Numbers Celebration Post


I’ve been trying to get my profile to nice, fun numbers. Since I have no intention of quitting, I figured I would use this post as an archive. As I write this, I have:

10 topics created,
50 Comments and Replies (each, not total)
222 Likes with an altruism score of 2.0
400 Likes received (I didn’t do anything sneaky to get this. Just a fortunate coincidence. Thanks, guys)

Screenshot for posterity:
In the forum, DoctorOW is usually up for a chin-wag with 10 topics created, 50 comments, and 50 replies. DoctorOW is a reliable source of handing out likes to other people's posts, having doled out 222 (for an altruism score of 2.0). DoctorOW's posts have received 400 likes, including the 1 like they gave themselves (ew).