Fuku (Fuko?) every Sunday in June! {Contest Closed}


As my fellow Mehtizens and the Supreme Holy Magus Breakfast Octopus of Mehfarianism and his many Minions have seen fit to bestow upon me the Sacred Sceptre (which looks unsurprisingly much like a plain shepherd's hook and smells of dung) of the Order of the Imperial Scapegoats of Meh this fine month of June (year of our Irk 2015 [ All hail Irk ] ), I, @Pavlov, in accordance with the Royal Goat Act of 2014, do hereby decree there shall be a prize awarded each Sunday during my Reign of Bleat.

Each Sunday night in June at 11:05PM CDT (just deal with it) a winner will be declared in keeping with the previously announced contest, sweepstakes, joust, cage deathmatch, etc. (no purchase is necessary, void where prohibited by law).

Here's the catch (yeah, you saw this coming didn't you) - I'm awarding 4 (four) prizes this month, but only 3 (three) will be fukubukuro, 1 (one) winner will be awarded fukōbukuro! @MrsPavlov has chosen (at random) the week that the fuko will be awarded, and even I know not which week's winner will receive fuko vs. fuku, just to keep things fair and level. If you don't know the difference between fuku and fuko by now, Google is your friend.

If you win, "you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit".

So we begin.

This week, the winner will be chosen by stars.

Here's what you need to do to win: Caption / Photoshop the image found below, and post your submission to this thread. The submission with the most stars by other members (we'll consider them "votes", and feel free to star multiple submissions, as well as your own) at 11:05PM CDT Sunday, June 7th, wins the first prize.

Have fun, play fair - and good luck.