Fruit Tree of Yesterday: Canistel


Canistel Tree
A day late on this one too, but at least it’s here. This fruit tastes like a cooked sweet potato, and has the same texture, too. It has an unfortunate nickname: Eggfruit. It doesn’t taste or look like an egg, but maybe it’s like eggplant where it originally did?

Thai Eggplant

Anyway, this is a neat fruit that grows in Florida. I’ve seen it at my local Asian markets. They’re $6 a pound, though, which really isn’t worth it since it tastes exactly like sweet potatoes, which only cost about $1 a pound. It’s a lot less effort to grow yourself than sweet potatoes, though, since it’s a fruit.

If you want to grow it, you need about the same climate you need for citrus–so zone 9a, minimum (unless you can protect it during a freeze). It doesn’t need a lot of fertilizer, but of course keeping it on a regular schedule with a regular amount of fertilizer will make it produce more fruit. Follow UF’s guide for proper care (actually, this applies to all the trees I’ve posted: Google “grow x tree Florida,” and a UF link is usually within the first few results—they’ll have all the information you need there).

This is the last of the fruit tree series, but I still have a few fruiting plants to post about—after a detour for today’s post.