Fellow meh folks, I come to you in need


I’ve had the good fortune to receive a few IRKs, Fuko’s and Fuku’s over the 5 years I’ve spent here. Normally I open my box in secret so I can find anything girly and present it to my wife as if I thoughtfully purchased her something at the store. This tactic has worked really well for me, earning a fair number of bonus points. But it all came crashing down upon receiving the latest IRK. I now fully understand the instant regret…

My wife saw the box as I was opening it and immediately checked out the contents. Inside was a single panel of the Hudson Hill Stuley curtains. She was ecstatic! I thought to myself, “self, this worked out well.” Incoming bonus points! However, once we put up the curtain we ran across a problem. The room has two windows… And now the Hudson Hill Stuley curtains are no longer in stock anywhere… What was supposed to be positive points, turned into negative points.

So, all of that to ask this very important question. Did anyone else get the Hudson Hill Stuley pearl curtains that would be willing to part with them?