Fantasy MuskBall Week 6 Update: Things Get "Interesting"


The Spreadsheet hath been updated through Week 6 and the question on the lips of Fantasy MuskBall analysts worldwide is: “Can anybody stop @Willijs3?”

Willijs III has maintained a perfect record through the season, amassing 410 coveted MuskPoints. Next comes @EpicLandShark and @Limewater with 327 points followed closely by @Ambiverbal and @awk with 322 points. You’ll notice that tied scores have become less frequent as the season progresses, making for a more “interesting” leaderboard.

That is, assuming you’re interested by a nonsense fantasy sports games based on a megalomaniacal tech mogul played on an out-of-the-way deal-a-day site’s forum.

The votes are in for Week 7 but we have to wait until the end of the month for winners to be determined.

Until next time, Muskegees…