Dog Food Comparison Tool

moondrake shared a link said

Costco has betrayed me by discontinuing their Kirkland Naturals dog food line. The manager said they discontinued it in favor of the Nature’s Domain food which one of my dogs can’t tolerate. I don’t know if it’s just the local Costco, or Costco as a whole, but since there’s only one Costco in town it doesn’t really matter. My dogs go through a 40-lb bag of dog food every 10 days, so I’m putting down over 120 lb of dog food per month. Kirkland Naturals was a godsend as it runs around $0.75 a pound. So here I am again searching for a reasonably priced high quality dog food that my sensitive tummy Dane girl can tolerate. This morning I stumbled over an excellent tool for comparing price versus quality. Just wanted to share that with you guys. I’m also very interested to hear from other people feeding large breed dogs what good quality dog foods you have found to be reasonably affordable. I’d like to break away from Diamond if possible as I’ve been reading some alarming complaints about them and their South Carolina processing plant continues to be a source of trouble.