DJI Insprire 1 v2 under $2K?


Just about a month too premature for me to jump. I’m still selling off my parts to finance this baby. But DJI has the Inspire 1 v2 on sale for $1999, no tax, free shipping. That’s directly from DJI, so no questions about warranty coverage, genuine parts, etc. This is the lowest I’ve seen this bird from a clean market source (vs. gray market with dubious warranty coverage).

$2K too much of a bite for you? They’re also offering the Phantom 3 Pro for $999. Not remarkable until you consider they’re also including a second battery. Again, no tax, free ship. Again, direct from DJI. The gray market sources are selling them for $900 without the extra battery, and with a seller-backed warranty (not DJI warranty).

Who’s in?

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