Dear meh, please give the desperate parents and facetious millenials of meh fidget spinners


Hello all,

As you may know because you have children, know someone who has one, or have seen someone with these obnoxious but extremely fun to use fidget spinners.

They look like this:

Now, if you’re a parent or a normal human being, you have absolutely noticed the growing presence of this toy among today’s population. You might be wondering: Why would anyone want this?

The answer is simple, “it’s cool, and really freaking fun.”

They also (supposedly) help you focus in class, during tests, at work, or just help you keep awake. They also (allegedly) help break habits.

There’s multiple ways to do this guys, you could 3D Print them and stick in bearings, or buy in bulk the ones cheaply made in China, or you could even get some cool meh rendition made and sell them off for 10 bucks a pop. The point is, we want them, your kid wants them because his friend has them and he thinks that he’s behind the curve, and you might actually enjoy them if you get your hands on one.

So please, help the mehn and womehn of meh by helping yourselves.

and give us fidget spinners.

/giphy fidget spinner