Crossbow recommendations?

unksol thought this was worth mentioning said

Let’s just open with, obviously this would be hunting related and might bother some people. I have seen versions of “the poor deer” and usually worse “deer are pest just kill them”. I get the first one to some extent but. If it’s not for you just ignore this.

By definition a hunter is following state law, behaving in an ethical manner, and extremely conscientious of shot placement and accuracy and respects the animal. Someone who does not is a poacher.

Anyway… I’m looking into a crossbow that I may or may not use this year. My state allows them for archery season. I have had a barnett whitetail pro str in my cart for a year plus at $500. Cabela’s also has a 10 point titan M1 for $750. And some 10 point nitros that are $999. I wasn’t looking to spend that much… But. 10 point does make some nice stuff.

Anyway if any hunters have a good recommendation I would love to hear. If it goes sideways just kill this thread.