Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 30


We’re getting a little bit of a head start on the other matchup in our Fanfuckingtastic Four. As I don’t foresee any chance of a comeback and I’m not staying up for another hour, you get some bonus time.

You know what I was saying yesterday about voting with our brains or our hearts? Apparently you’re a sentimental bunch, snuggling up with your Meh T-Shirts in a 24 to 14 win. Yes, the Power Banks have finally run out of juice. Although I really didn’t know which way it was going to end, I have to say I’m a little bit surprised. Power Banks have truly been a favorite over the years. Hell, just two days ago they sold 1,422 more of them. They sold less metallic shirts (1,394) to celebrate their birthday! This leads me to one simple conclusion: A lot of you have simply ignored the Field of 32. Wait, who am I even talking to? The only people reading this are pretty much the same ones that have read all the rest of my garrulous blurbs. For that, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. All these matchups didn’t quite amass the total vote numbers I was hoping for, but that just makes each and every star from those of you that have played along all the more special. And not in the short bus way.

We need one more item to face those Meh T-Shirts in the Terminal Two. The Knives barely had time for some cold cuts before they had to return. After a wrestle with another vessel, coming out a winner against the spinner, and leaving the spread for dead, Bubba Bottles show their might for one more fight. We’re almost to the end but we can’t get there without two more days of your votes!