Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 24


So here we are, at the final matchup of the Sweaty Sixteen. Boy have we had some sweaty ones too! There were a couple of great contests in this round that kept things close right up until the clock struck midnight… or 9 PM for you west coasters… or 6 am EST when I was feeling lazy. Yesterday’s fight was not one of those sweaty ones. It was dry and arid and a little bit sad as we store away the Backpacks/Laptop Bags until next season. Those Headphones weren’t playing games (they were actually playing some obscure podcast or some crappy 90’s music) as they wrapped this one up 28 to 17.

In our first round the Knives barely carved out a one point win over the speakers while the Drones chewed on some candy corn. Now that they have to face each other I fear there will be some bloodshed. We have two items that could literally end someone’s life if used the wrong way. The whole knife thing is pretty obvious. Hell, we all know knives are for cutting!

But those Drones… who would’ve thought they could be so dangerous? They’re so cute and fun and one day they’ll be delivering your lunch to you via a fancy new startup called DashDrone. Don’t go looking for that one, I just made it up. But it’s a cool idea and a perfect ripoff of an established name, right? It would be so easy to just post a bunch of gory photos of drone injuries right here. Maybe turn a few stomachs faster than those Drone blades. But why should I waste my time explaining the possible ramifications of Drone misuse when we have Adam and Jamie to do it for us. Now go forth with your killer votes!