Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 14

cinoclav thought this was worth mentioning said

What a pleasant surprise! No one gave enough of a crap about either item to try and game the system. (You know who you are. Don’t worry, I’m really not mad at you for doing it, the names were pretty funny.) After 5 years of complaining about the lousy batteries, they’ve finally proven their worth. Next to nothing. Backpack/Laptop Bags got some sweet loving and will advance with a 25 to 16 win.

Today we have another duo that I’m excited about. The war between these two harkens back to prehistoric times. Or the 80’s. I’m not really sure, I was kind of a science guy. What I do know is that we’ve seen an awful lot of different Earbuds and Headphones cross that front page. Everyone has their preference and many (like me) like both depending on the particular situation. But only one can live to fight another day…