BIRTHDAY GAME: Selfies, Selfies, Selfies!

cardiganb thought this was worth mentioning said

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us have taken a selfie or twelve.

Some of us may even be good enough at taking them to teach a class. Camera angle, lighting and filter selection are all key…… but not today.

The only thing we want to see today are your A-meh-zing faces…sort of….

There is a catch, we want a selfie of you and another Meh user in your area.

Find another Meh user in your area and get a selfie with them. Bonus points is they are a stranger. Extra bonus points if you don’t get murdered. But seriously. Don’t murder Meh users.

Super Extra Bonus points if ya’lls selfies also contain Irk Cosplay, Meh tattoos and birthday cakes and no murder.