ChadP thought this was worth mentioning said

We’re looking for ideas for the next great Meh shirt. Shout out to @targaryen for the genesis of this contest idea, which was actually the first contest we discussed for the birthday week.

Here’s what we need. Grab a piece of paper and a marker. Or a dollar store shirt. Hand draw your idea for the next Meh shirt. We’re looking for realistic, usable shirt ideas here. Dig deep into the Meh world and give us something we’ve never thought of. And @targaryen thought of a Meh Dead Robot shirt, so, you’ve got some work to do.

We’ve got prizes for our favorite designs.

We’ll also find a way to print a version of one or your designs. We’re not committing to a full run and having it sold on Meh, but hey, there is always a chance…

We’ll award prizes as we go. We’ll announce details of the shirt we’re printing next week.