Birthday Delivery to Meh HQ

tinamarie1974 thought this was worth mentioning said

Well I had good intentions to have a tower of chocolate and salty snacks delivered to Meh this morning in honor of their 7th birthday celebration - I know I am late, but Meh.

Unfortunately this morning I received an “Undeliverable” notice from Amazon. Me thinks Bezos knew the delivery was for the Breakfast Octopus @snapster and his crew and decided to squash any fun!!! Bezos cannot keep me down! (I think there is a dirty joke there)

Anyway, in less than Meh fashion, I decided to pivot and am having breakfast delivered to your HQ on Plano Parkway. Please be on the lookout for a GrubHub delivery driver @ChadP @CardiganB @ExtraMedium @KoolHandJoe @Halfling @CardiganB and anyone else I couldn’t think of off the top of my head.

Happy Belated Birthday and thanks for adding color to my life, especially over the last year!!!