Awkward Party Shirt Giveaway! [unofficial]


I’ve had a bit of luck with the derbies lately; today’s win is special because I’ve been trying to place in a Halloween derby for 7 years. Finally rang that bell!

Time to celebrate with some shirt giveaways!

  • To enter, comment in this thread. Only top-level comments will be considered (but replies are welcomed) so enter a new one if you want to participate in the drawing.
  • Any design in the woot catalog is fair game, but something of mine is always appreciated
  • Contest will end on Tuesday, 10/4 at 11:59pm. I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday.

I have a few derby entries this week – have a look and vote for those if you can. Here and Here. I’m partial to the science one, personally .

I think that’s it? Oh, discussion topic… Halloween things seem appropriate. What are you dressing up as this year? Alternatively, what’s your favorite Halloween treat or recipe?

Good luck and thanks for all the support!