Alternate Realitees


Monday’s are for pickin’ tees. I’m a bit early, but that just means more time for you to browse.

I’m all for diving into a watch-party marathon of new shows or movies, especially since COVID hit. I’ve kept up pretty well with shows from the last few years, and sci-fi thrillers hold a special place in my heart.

This week we have two new designs that might just be my new all-time favorites and they fall right in line with my love of great television programming. These designs just work, even if you’re not a TV fan, because they’re just good-looking, clean art.

If you’re not a tv watchmen like me, that’s ok. There are stranger things you could be into. Still, check out the shirts and let us know what you think of douglasstencil’s work or hit us with new suggestions on the tee forum.

More Thursday!