Adventures in Editing - The FLICK N FLOAT incident.

Thumperchick posted a pic said

Hey all, friendly neighborhood T-humperchick here to tell you a story all about how my life got flip turned… wait, different story. Anyway… I’m going to tell you this story the way it was told to me.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and picture yourself in a multi-million dollar home. Your young, early school-aged children are playing a game in their safe, sanitary environment. You neighbor’s turtle tortoise is in your yard… again. (Another story…) You see your weekly town newsletter has arrived and you notice there’s a kid-friendly activity happening at the pool! You read the details, then you lose your cool, call the Owner’s Association and demand that the awful sister of T-Humperchick fire herself and everyone else at the association.

Apparently, the turnout for this year’s Flick ‘n’ Float was amazing.

{Background: My baby sister is (insert super fancy job title that I don’t remember) employed in the Owner’s Association for a pretty high maintenance private community. She’s one of the editors for the weekly town paper, she’s also responsible for most of their PR. She’s having a hilarious and ridiculous month.}