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It’s the time of giving so why not? I’m also riding high on my recent 2nd place win, so let’s do this!

Rules and junk:

  • Comment in this thread to enter.
  • I will randomly select THREE (3) top-level comments as the winners. Replies are awesome, but only the initial comments count.
  • No need to talk about shirts. Here’s a topic: Best stocking stuffers this year.
  • Any design from the shirt.woot library is fair game as a selection, though it’s always flattering (but not required) if you choose something from MY CATALOG.
  • A vote for my current derby entries would be really appreciated, too. Those are posted below for ease of clickness.
  • You will have to provide me with your name and address so if you’re uncomfortable with that, try not to win. Also, I promise not to bring fruitcake when I show up at your door unexpectedly at 3AM.
  • I was kidding about the fruitcake.
  • Contest will end at 8:00PM EST Sunday, December 5th. I’ll announce the winners then.

GOOD LUCK and thanks for all continued support here! I love this community.