A modest proposal (not that type)

werehatrack went on a bit of a rant said

Much sturm und drang has been seen over the subject of IRK pricing, difficulty of acquisition, and lately, accounting. Raising the price of the IRK above the original traditional $5 level failed to blunt demand until it had reached levels guaranteed to infuriate many of the recipients. Making the IRKs pretty much free but only after a substantial minimum purchase, and exorbitant otherwise, denies them to the contingent of Mehtizens who find nothing of value in the main merch on offer in the Mehrathon. Reducing the number of batches but making them larger, so that those who were quick on the trigger and awake when the IRK went live had a better shot at one than was generally the case in 2021/2022 didn’t reward those who’d spent a lot on the other Mehrathon merch, which is undoubtedly a goal that the Mehnagement feels is worth advancing.

So, is there a way to please more of the Meh crowd, more of the time, without trashing the bottom line?

Consider this as a suggestion:

Continue the most recent practice of the exorbitant price that’s refunded in whole or in part (preferably immediately), up to the one-cent-short level, but also preannounce the number of IRKs that will be available in total. The current interface tracks and displays the number of orders currently received, so this potentially gives the on-the-fence Mehtizens most keenly interested in an IRK an extra impetus to Make Up Their Minds if about (for example) shelling out more dough for Yet Another Solar LED Robotic Vacuum Knife Headphone Bug Zapper Expired Snack Bundle. Preannounce that when 10PM ET is reached, half of the then-unsold IRKs will get allocated for sale to Mehmbers-Only (or even VMP for the first ten minutes, and then Mehmbers in general) at $13.37 (because Leet) with NO refund for other purchases, and then do that again at 11PM ET for anybody who wants to take a swipe at it. If they don’t sell out, then the blanket “get it for reduced cost by buying Mehrathon crap” deal inherits whatever quantity is left for the final hour. If they completely sell out during the 10-11PM ET hour because people Made Up Their Minds, then the 11PM IRK round just doesn’t happen.

I think this might work.

Further suggestions are encouraged, not that I think that either mine or any others will have much chance of being adopted without enough tweaking to file off the serial numbers for the usual end result.

What say you?