A Goat's Tale-You Choose His Fate!


The month of August is coming to a close. A new goat will soon take over, I'm sure not soon enough for poor @mfladd. I want to thank you, goat. You've endured a level of abuse few have seen. Mainly because you're sick and seem to like it. But you've been a great sport, so I've made you a thing. Thanks, @mfladd, from the bottom of my cold heart. You've made this month a blast.
Everyone else, I need you to choose his fate! I'll be adding comments of 'he lives' or 'he dies' and whichever ending gets the most votes, I will produce and show. He's free to beg for his life, in fact I'd prefer it, but I have faith in my fellow mentions. I apologize if it doesn't embed, and blame @mfladd