A Delicious Twixt Ending


It was a tight game. That lacked for nothing on both sides, but Twix barely squeezes Reese’s out for the upset of the month in a shocking end to a contest that some didn’t even know about.

Some say Reese’s got cocky after the dominating fashion they ran through the competition and melted when things started to heat up. Others point to a Twix team and their fans that just wanted it a little more. It still fairly evident that peanut butter and chocolate are still a popular combo and I think we’ll see them back here in the big game next time.

We contacted some of the fans at the game to get reactions:

@ChadP said “Hey, are you going to do any emails today?”


@Thumperchick was quoted on her way out as saying “It’s my day off why are you @ -ing me?”

Thanks for voting everyone! It was fun for me to write this up.

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