6 Degrees of Movie Quotes

Targaryen thought this was worth mentioning said

Let’s put that talent for memorizing useless movie quotes to work.

The rules: Name the actor and the movie it’s from. Responses can include quotes from part of the quote, that movie, or another film with that actor and so on. Similar to the driving game but with fewer crashes because we aren’t putting in videos we’re going to be 10 and 2 in here.

So, for example:

“I am the batman” - Christian Bale - The Dark Knight

use a movie link:

“We have planned. We have sacrificed. We have waited for the right moment.” - Clive Owen - The Last Knight

then maybe an actor link:

“Eat your vegetables.” - Clive Owen - Shoot 'Em Up!

maybe even a quote link:

“You’ll never be a vegetable, even artichokes have hearts.” - Audrey Tautou - Amélie

Just be sure to include the actor’s name and movie title for further linking.

Alright, I think you all got it, we’re interested to see where you take it.