6 cattery shelter employees at the no kill shelter where I volunteer need help


Due to a calicvirus outbreak (started last October) in the cattery where I volunteer, around 120 cats were euthanized today. The only remaining cats are the 4 or 5 who are up front (a different building). It breaks my heart. I have spent, in some cases, years cuddling some of them, working with some of them to make them less shy and thus more adoptable… I have been crying on and off all day.

Unfortunately the 6 cattery employees lost their jobs as a result of this. They won’t be hired back any time soon because the shelter decided to build a new cattery when they can raise the money (the current one is falling down). These employees can’t get food stamps due to the shut down. Unemployment compensation in this state is hundreds of dollars a month below the poverty line even if you get the maximum. They won’t. They were all paid minimum wage or close to that.

As a result I have started a gofundme to try to give them each $500 to cover food for themselves and their pets (they all have animals they have adopted from the shelter). I will make a separate thread about this too. Please pass this on to whomever might help.


On that page are links to local news stories about this and the shelter’s facebook page.