2 rooms, 1 A/C. How to get the cold air to the second room? {Necropost}

Kidsandliz thought this was worth mentioning said

I live in a 2 room apt. There is a motel style monstrosity in the living room/kitchen and nothing in the bedroom. There is an 8-10 degree temperature difference between the two rooms. Last summer I sweltered in the bedroom. I also live in the 4th floor and only had to turn on the heat twice for a total of 2 days this last winter so I have the added problem of “heat rises” and the hall has no A/C.

I can’t put a floor fan in the door because those terrify the cats and they refuse to go through the door (which they have to be able to do). I can’t make any holes in the wall to install a fan to blow air between the rooms because I rent. The door corner fans seem to be set up to put in the door frame itself and I have to be able to shut the door on occasion.

Any suggestions?