10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Flood Siren


Floods are awful. Let’s talk about floods.

In June of last year, my house flooded. All but 2 rooms were completely saturated. A supply line to a toilet broke in the middle of the night. A steady flow of water ran out onto our floors for about 5 hours. In the rooms closest to the toilet, including my son’s bedroom, there was as much as 4 inches of water standing on the floor. In the rooms farthest from the toilet, the water had soaked completely through the carpet and pad. It was like walking on a full sponge.

The cleanup process started within an hour of us discovering the flood. It took 3 days to get the physical water out and 5 days to dry out the house from the humidity and the drywall soaking up the standing water.

We lost 100% of the floors and baseboards in our house. In the bathroom where the leak started we had to replace the drywall and one piece of the vanity. We had to replace the supply line internals of all our toilets. Luckily all furniture was fine as we had just gotten all new hand-built, solid wood tables the we were afraid would be lost.

It took 3 months to repair the floors and the damage. There were periods of weeks at a time where the house was not livable.

The cost to clean up the water was nearly $30k, and the cost to repair the house and replace the floors was nearly $30k.

Anyway, you should get flood sirens. If we would have had a flood siren, it would have prevented the whole ordeal.