10-12-17 Today I Learned

RiotDemon posted a pic said

This is a very random topic, and I’m late to post, who else can you blame besides the goat.

I have blue eyes. It’s never been a special thing to me like a lot of people make it out to be. I guess because it’s so common where I was born. I would actually get a little jealous of people that have really bright blue eyes because mine look more grey sometimes. The inner part of my iris is actually kind of yellow. Sometimes people think I have green eyes. If I wear a green shirt, they tend to look more green. I decided to look this up and found out that it might be a thing called central heterochromia. I had no idea that was a thing. I always thought of heterochromia as two entirely differently colored eyes, or the one eye would be randomly two different colors in splotches. I figured since both of my eyes are the same, it was just a normal thing. Apparently it’s not that common, so that’s cool. My dog has heterochromia… But it’s not very distinct. She just has two different shades of gold eyes. No one notices.

Looking up photos of heterochromia, I feel a twinge of jealousy again. There are so many people with central heterochromia that have a very distinct different color from the inside to the outside. I was looking at photos of my eyes, and you can barely even tell in the pictures. It’s definitely a lot more noticeable in person. Maybe I don’t have it after all. Haha. At least it’s interesting to read about, to me anyway.

Here’s a random photo that shows the lack of difference in my eyes:
enter image description here

Here’s an article that shows photos of the different types of heterochromia.

Do you have heterochromia or know anyone with it?

Do you ever feel jealous over things that we are born with like the color of our eyes or hair? Do you wear colored contacts or dye your hair because of this?

Tonight’s musical selection:
Motionless In White
I burned a CD from them called Graveyard Shift. Highly appropriate for this month. I was hooked from the first song. How have I not heard of them until now?


When this song started, I actually went and looked to see if this was the same singer from Orgy. I actually found a review that said this band was as if Orgy kept playing music and evolved into the current day.

Eternally Yours

It has a chick in lingerie and heels writhing around in a casket. Just for you @mfladd.

Necessary Evil

I love the take on Its My Party.

Seeing as this gave me vibes from Orgy, here’s a few songs by them.

Blue Monday

The cover that everyone should recognize even if they don’t remember who the fuck Orgy is.


Man… This really brings back high school vibes. The makeup and hair, wow.

Fiction (Dreams in Digital)