Your Choice: iDesign Ribbed Quick Dry Bath Towels (4 Bath or 6-Piece combo)

  • Choose between 4 bath towels or a 6 piece combo set (2x bath, 2x hand, 2x wash)
  • They’re soft and they absorb water… fast
  • Like, they dry you off super quick
  • New towels are always a delight
  • Model: T0W3L-PL4Y
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Can't Go Wrong

Here’s a fact: towels are a great gift.

Maybe you disagree. After all, towels are not exciting. Even these ones, with a vaguely tech-y sounding brand name and a promise to dry quickly–at the end of the day, they’re just towels. And therefore they’re not going to get much more than a polite, “oh nice, thanks,” when they’re unwrapped on Christmas morning.

Furthermore, towels are not personal. Giving someone a towel set as a gift is saying, “Hey there, friend. I happen to have it on good authority that you clean all or part of yourself with hot water on a semi-regular basis. Allow me to hasten that process’s inevitable conclusion with something soft and nice.”

But the thing is, towels never backfire.

Have you ever tried to get headphones for an audiophile? Or new cooking appliances for a culinary wunderkind? Or jeans for a teenager? There’s about an 88% chance that you’re going to end up buying something with abysmal woofers, a weak heating element, or a sense of style that hasn’t been cool since 2004.

But nobody’s a towel aficionado. Nobody’s reading absorbent fabric blogs and going to DryCon cosplaying as a famous washcloth. No. We said it above: towels are just towels. That’s their greatest weakness… and their greatest strength. You give someone towels? Those towels don’t get returned. Instead, they go in the towel rotation IMMEDIATELY.

Because that’s the other thing: what’s more boring than getting towels as a gift? Shopping for towels. And so many of us leave our old towels in the linen closet until they’re threadbare just to avoid having to get new ones.

In other words, when you gift someone a set of towels, you’re not only giving them something they can use; you’re saving them time.

Eat that, PS5.

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