Whistler Wireless Backup Camera (Refurbished)

  • Find out what’s happening behind your car’s back
  • Easy to install, no hard-wiring required
  • Built-in solar panel that’ll recharge it as you drive
  • Can it make a margarita: for legal reasons, we’re not going to say anything about mixing tequila and driving
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Right! Behind! You!

The backup cam needs a new marketing team.

Seriously, is there another piece of technology whose name so vastly undersells it?

The air fryer, the hoverboard, anything that bills itself as ‘smart’–don’t get us wrong, we like and even love a lot of these things, but, technically speaking, their names overpromise and underdeliver.

The backup cam, meanwhile, presents itself as a simpleton. “Aw, shucks! I ain’t nothin’ more than a little ol’ camera that goes and turns itself on when you fling your knob reverse, just showin’ y’all a little ol’ movie of what’s a-happenin’ round the butt of your fine automobile. That’s ‘bout all there is to little ol’ me!”

And yes, it is exactly that, the very thing its name implies–a camera that turns on when you back up to avoid bonking something you don’t want to bonk–but it’s also so much more.

It’s an ‘I don’t want to back into oncoming traffic, but when I look over my shoulder to check if the coast is clear, I can’t see around this massive SUV in the parking spot next to mine’ camera.

It’s an ‘I don’t want to spend fifteen minutes parallel parking only to get out and find that I’m not only twenty feet from the car I swore was RIGHT behind me, but also I’m so far from the curb that I’m just straight up in the road’ cam.

And it’s an ‘I want to back down the driveway at night in the dark and actually have some idea of where I’m going without fully turning around and straining my eyes into an abyss lit by nothing more than my dim reverse lights’ cam.

Just to be clear, we understand all of these things add up to ‘a camera that turns on when you back up to avoid bonking something you don’t want to bonk,’ but still, our point stands. Why call it just a ‘backup cam’ and not a ‘panoramic reverse-maneuvering cam’ or something cool like that?

Anyway, that’s not important. What is important is that you can get one for your car today. It’s easy to install and simple to use, plus it has a built-in solar panel for recharging. And it costs just $25. Which means, if you have an older car, you can get this and enjoy the convenience of a backup cam.

Or, conversely, if your car has a backup cam but is experiencing post-warrantee backup cam issues, you can get this and avoid spending an exorbitant amount of money on some specialist.

What we’re saying is: if you need a backup cam, you can get a backup cam. Today. Here. For cheap.

So do it.

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