Vremi Programmable Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Recording Feature

  • Program it to dispense up to 4 meals a day for your dog or cat
  • Time and portion size is adjustable
  • The storage container can hold 25 cups of food
  • You can even record a 10-second message of you saying its time to eat so your buddy knows to come running
  • Is it Mac compatible: yes, Mac the hungry dachshund will love this thing!
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Feedin' Time

Look around any Mexican restaurant and you’ll see a variety of approaches to the complimentary chips and salsa. There are those who reach for a chip only occasionally while otherwise carrying on a conversation as though there is no food on the table at all. And then there are those who cannot stop eating them, accepting basket after basket until the server’s voice takes on a note of incredulity as they ask “More chips?” Not so much meaning, “Would you like some more chips?” anymore, but rather, “How can you possibly need more chips?”

Pets are the same way: there are those who are fine grazing, those for whom pacing is not an issue, because, hey, a little nibble here and there will do, right? And then there the other pets, the ones who see every bowl of food a challenge, the point of which is to reveal the bottom. We’re talking pets for whom any amount is a single serving.

If you’ve got pets in that first category, you might find some use in today’s product. If you have pets in that second category, today’s product is absolutely essential.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You load the thing up with food.
  2. You set your portion size and your timers (it can be programmed to feed up to four times a day).
  3. You rest assured that little Whiskers or Fido or whoever isn’t going whole hog on a full day’s worth of food two minutes after you leave the house.

You can even record a 10-second message to play when it dispenses the food so your pets know it’s feeding time. (But let’s be real here, the pets that most need this thing are going to spend about 90% of their day within the same room as it, waiting for it to make with that sweet, sweet kibble.)

So get it, and get your pets on a real feeding schedule.

As for us, we’re gonna hunt down some chips and salsa…

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