Virmee VT3 IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch

  • It’ll track your heart rate, your steps, your calories burnt, all that stuff
  • It’ll also let you read your notifications without taking out your phone
  • Oh, it can tell time too
  • It’s not an Apple Watch, and it doesn’t cost as much as one either
  • Can it make margaritas: margaritas are one of the many things this watch cannot do!
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A (Fairly) Smart Watch

With an Apple Watch, you can tap-pay for a pack of gum before scanning your transit card–also stored in your watch–to ride the bus home. En route, you can check your smart doorbell view right from your wrist, and when you get home you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your smart lock, after which it’ll continue being useful well into the night. It’ll even track your breathing while you sleep!

This sounds really cool, right? Unless you don’t really care about being able to tap-pay. Or you don’t commute home on public transit. Or you live in a house that has your basic non-smart lock. Or you’re not worried about how you’re breathing at night.

Maybe all you really want from a smartwatch is to know if that buzz you just felt is someone from work trying to reach you about an important project, the automated reminder about your upcoming dentist appointment, or a friend responding “lol” to one of your I Think You Should Leave memes without having to dig your phone out from wherever it’s hiding.

An Apple Watch can do that too. But you’re paying about $350 (if not more) for the privilege.

This Virmee, on the other hand, costs $15. At that price, it should come as no surprise that it won’t pay for your groceries or your bus fare and it definitely won’t let you into your house. As for monitoring your lung functionality while in repose… uhh… who knows? It probably can’t do that either, but then again, how does the Apple Watch do it anyway? It’s on your wrist, right? Last time we checked, there aren’t gills there.

(And please don’t tell us how it works. We really, really don’t care.)

What this Virmee can do is track your heart rate, your steps, and a bunch of other stuff. And, most importantly, it’ll let you know if that notification you got is something urgent or if it’s just Uber Eats offering you $5 off your next order.

And that, to us, is worth $15 easily.

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